Kate Carmack Photography | SESSION INFO



What to Expect


Most sessions last one to two hours and take place “on-location.” I can come to your home, or we can meet at a local park, beach, or some other place that is meaningful to you. Get creative! I can make suggestions if you don’t have something specific in mind. We will explore different settings at this location to maximize the variety in your photos. The best light for portraits occurs during early morning and early evening, so please plan your day accordingly. For family sessions, I do understand the need to schedule around children’s naptimes and feeding schedules. Please be mindful of when your baby or toddler is at his or her happiest, meaning fed and well-rested. I want to capture those gummy smiles and belly laughs as much as you do!

Your session will be my only appointment of the day, to ensure your relaxation and maximize our time together. Forget that rushed department store portrait experience. I want to capture who you are, not just what you look like. Custom photography is all about YOU, and about documenting those simple moments that celebrate life, love, and family. My sessions are light-hearted and fun, and I will play with your kids before I start photographing in order make them comfortable with me. 

Occasionally, I may request that parents place themselves nearby but out of sight. I find this makes kiddos feel more apt to explore and less likely to offer me forced smiles. I like to let young imaginations and personalities guide us through the session. Childhood is fleeting, and I aim to freeze these golden moments forever in your photographs.




What to Wear


Families and Couples

Wear something that makes you feel great, and most importantly, comfortable! If you’re not comfortable, it will show in your photos.  I encourage you be creative with your wardrobe. While white shirts and jeans are certainly fine, there’s no need to match perfectly. Instead, create harmony by coordinating your outfit choices. Wear complementary colors, different shades of the same color, or define a “family” of colors (like pastels, earth tones, or jewel tones). Accent each other by pulling colors from a single pattern. Textures and patterns look great in photos--just avoid very busy, distracting ones and mixing too many of them.  Also avoid words or big logos on clothing, and obvious trends that might date your photos in years to come. White clothing is always a clean, classic choice, but don’t be afraid of color, either! You can spice up something simple by adding a colorful accessory like a necklace or scarf. Feet may be visible, so don’t forget proper shoes, or plan to go barefoot.  Most importantly, dress like yourself. Your portraits should reflect the real you.






Cherish that wrinkly new baby skin and those sweet rolls of pudge, because they won’t last for long! Less clothing is best at this age; outfits can seem to “swallow up” a newborn baby. I suggest that the baby wear nothing, or only a simple diaper cover.  We can create variety by using textured blankets as backdrops, playing around with fun placements of the little one, and by adding tasteful accessories to a bald head and baby bum. There’s nothing cuter than a knitted hat or a feminine headband on a naked newborn! I love to browse etsy.com for accessory ideas.

Please schedule your session to take place during the first ten days of your newborn’s life, when babies are sleepiest and easy to mold into curled up, womblike poses. Mom and Dad, plan to be part of the photos by wearing simple, long sleeved white or black tops, as you may need to hold the baby in some shots.





Babies, Toddlers and Kids

These little guys are so much fun to dress, so feel free to bring a few outfit choices. Bright colors, patterns and fun textures bring out the wonder of childhood. Think ruffles, stripes, knit leggings, denim, polka-dots, and funky patterns (all used in moderation, of course). Depending on your child’s personality, try accessorizing with woven hats, tutus, scarves, funky neckties, cute toy trucks, tricycles, beads, bows, headbands, flowers, etc. Layering is always a good idea, because you can add and remove items to quickly create an entirely different look. Add some cute shoes, or don’t! Bare feet are perfect for documenting tiny toes and wobbly steps. If your children normally get fussy about clothing, I suggest picking out a couple outfits and letting them choose which ones they want to wear!  Also, consider bringing a favorite toy or blanket to get them comfortable and to personalize your portraits.