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The Reeves Family: 5/30/10G and J: 9/19/10Anna: 11/1/10Shannon and Tom's Engagement: 8/8/10Jami and Justin's Wedding: 2/19/11Nikki & Al: 11/7/10Sarah and Shayne's Engagement: 11/8/10B and R: 5/1/11The H Family: 6/23/11The R Family: 6/11/11Sammy: 6-25-11Meghan and John's Wedding: 6/26/11Paul's 90th Birthday CelebrationShannon and Tom's Wedding: 8/6/11The C Family: 12/30/11Raienne and Jason's Engagement: 6/26/12The Reeves 12/23/12All Reeves 12/26/12Lauren & Aleix's Wedding: 3/30/13Stephanie & Gary Maternity: 8/25/13Baby William: 9/29/13Baby Kylee: 4/20/14Baby Caroline: 7/4/14Anfuso/Carmack 4th of JulyKylee: 9/6/14William, One Year: 10/5/14Shannon & Tom, Maternity: 5/9/15Gus's Famous Fried ChickenSession Fees & Portrait CollectionsShimika Wilder: 11/15/15PSG Headshots: 12/4/15 FINALSOffice of Design Architecture Headshots: 12/4/15 FINALSVictoria Headshots 1/10/16 FINALSBaby James 1/9/16JB+J Headshots: 5/14/16 FINALSCricket's First Birthday (week): 6/16/15Baby Kai: 9/5/16Baby Colton: 1/14/174th of July Weekend 2017Henry Matthew: 7/31/17Travis and Tyler's Wedding: 8/12/17Carmack Thanksgiving 2017SHR Headshots: 1/10/18SHR Headshots B&W: 1/10/18SHR Headshots: 1/10/18 FINALS